Creativity Abounds

Austin is home to artists and artisans who are making an impact on our city’s vibrant, dynamic culture. Austin invented the saying “Keep Austin Weird”. Our creative community has inspired artists for generations. Here, art flourishes inside the walls of our thriving community’s many galleries but Austin folks take  pride in a casual appreciation for art and an easy going way of life as well. I am proud to have grown up in Austin, Texas and am thankful for the many opportunities I have had to re-create the landscapes and inspirations dear to my heart.

I am a member of an Austin studio group that call ourselves “Escape Artists” We paint together weekly to escape into our world of creativity. We travel together yearly, painting, learning and enriching our experiences through the bonds of friendship and like interests. I couldn’t be more blessed! Nelleen

An Artist’s Eye

The lessons I learn from painting are some of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I see things from an “artist’s eye”. I am constantly thinking that a landscape I encounter, an object of nature or abstract vision in my mind can be transformed onto a canvas taking on a life of it’s own. My connection is with the soul of the painting and my hope is that the viewer is drawn into it like I am.

Art Always

I have always, and I mean always, had a passion for visual arts. My mom said that I came out of her womb with a crayon in my hand. Creating calls my name and brings balance into my life. My love of creating does not stop on canvas. I feel it when I cook, when I travel, when I dance and especially when I dream!